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Choosing the Right Spinner for Trout Fishing

Choosing the Right Spinner for Trout Fishing

When it comes to selecting the perfect spinner for trout, consider these key factors:

Blade Color:
- Gold or copper blades are ideal for attracting stocked browns and golden trout, while silver blades work well for rainbows, cutthroats, and brookies. Tailor your choice to the conditions: black lures for dark waters, white for murky conditions, red for clear, shallow areas, and yellow or orange for bright days.

- Ensure the spinner's weight matches the trout's size. Opt for 1/8oz Series 1&2 for smaller trout like brook, rainbow, or brown, while larger trout may prefer 1/4oz or 1/3oz Fly Striker Marabou Series, 1/4oz Series 1, or the 1/4oz Blue Strikers.

Blade Size:
- RoxStar Fishing Spinners stand out with their larger blades, producing stronger vibrations that catch the attention of trout. Keep these tips in mind for a successful trout fishing adventure!"